Spymicro has provided surveillance solution for retail stores, restaurants, apartment complex , commmercial office building,
warehouse, residential house, hotel & many more. We have designed security solution that can range in size and technical
complexity, depending upon the site specific or property portfolio requirements.  


Is having 16 cameras better than having eight or ten cameras? Well, not necessary. There are several key locations that can
be prioritized such as store entrances & exits, cash registers, areas surrounding high value items, etc.

Determining Camera Locations

Entrances & Exits: Mount your security cameras where you can clearly monitor traffic in and out your store.

The Cash Register: Frauds are not only commited by your customers. Employees are accountable for billions of dollars loss in
the industry. Mounting the right camera with the right lens and angle is definitely vital to reduce this type of fraud.
Additional equipment, such as Video Serial Interface which sends a copy of the register's screen to the camera's screen, may
also be integrated with a surveillance system.

Our Video Serial Interface, VSI allow transaction data from cash registers to be displayed on top of the normal video picture.
VSI can be covertly or overtly installed to allow the user to record such event as; "sweet hearting", voids, no sale, returns &
refunds, short changing and substitute scanning.

    From this sample picture on the left, without VSI, we cannot easily tell that
    the cashier has done a substitute scan. This common theft practice occurs
    when the cashier scans a low-cost item in place of a more expensive one.
    In this case, the cashier scans a candy bar in place of a bottle of whisky.

    The second example shows without a doubt that the bartender has only
    entered some of the items of a transaction yet the sale has been finalized.
    In most cases, the employee will pocket the difference between the amount
    enteredinto the cash register and the actual total. In many cases, this type
    of theft can go undetected for months or even years.









Get the peace mind comes from knowing there are cameras strategically placed inside and outside your home. Best of all, with
Spymicro surveillance system, you can watch video from any room in the house on any connected TV,  dedicated monitor,
your smart phone, I pad, and your desktop PC. You can also monitoring your home anywhere at anytime.

Standard Camera Locations:
  • Drive way
  • Front Door Entrance
  • Side Gate
  • Back Yard
  • Back Sliding Door Entrance
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