What is a Video Intercom System?

    Home security is being considered one of the very important topics when we talk of modern lifestyle.
    Advancement in technology has presented many good options for implementing a good degree of electronic security to our
    homes. However, there are many people who are new to this topic. That’s why we decided to write a post about Video
    intercom systems.

    A video intercom system is an integrated security system which enables you to see the caller and talk to him/her before
    opening the door. In fact, you can open the door by just pressing a button located in your “monitor” panel. There can be one
    or more monitors provided to you based on the model you have purchased.

    Video intercom systems are highly useful in many occasions. They enhance your home security and also help physically
    weak/disabled people to control door opening operations with ease. Thanks to technology which made our lives much more
    manageable and comfortable.

How a Video Intercom System Works

    There are basically two parts in it. There will be a camera unit fitted outside your house and a monitoring panel provided
    inside your house.
    Outside hidden camera captures videos, grabs sound and passes on the information to inside monitor unit. You can see on
    your monitor, who is at the door and can talk to them. You can then open the door from the monitor unit itself. This requires
    an optional electric lock tube installed. Outside camera will be usually a weatherproof one. Video intercom systems can be
    wired or wireless. Both wired and wireless systems are equally popular among people.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Intercom System?

  • First and foremost, you can see and talk to the person who is at the door without going near the door
  • Open the door remotely for receiving parcels / packages
  • With infra-red capabilities, you can see people during the night as well
  • When you are not at home, you can view the recorded videos
  • Useful in preventing a child from opening the door accidently
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