As a popular trend, the security industry began producing HD cameras to meet market demands of high definition video
surveillance. Surveillance systems have today as the core technology HDCVI which presently is the market leader for
analog surveillance systems. It entered the market recently and took over the market due to lack of competition, HDCVI
technology supports 720p HD and full HD 1080P video recording. HDCVI systems technology is improved and applied to
many DVR recorders and weatherproof bullet, vandal-resistant dome and speed dome camera surveillance cameras.
Since HDCVI systems do not have to change the analog cables. HDCVI systems' installation costs are much lower.

High definition surveillance systems dominate the 3G era, video data transmission cable has greatly improved. High
definition surveillance systems for civilian applications are basically the latest trends. Clarity must be unmatched. Support
functions like backlight compensation (BLC), WDR and functions to balance high contrast areas, unmatched clarity make
these HDCVI surveillance systems most powerful on the market.

But do not forget that there is a new industry standard in HD surveillance systems, it is called HDTVI. It has the capability
to dominate HD system market because it is an open source technology. Thus HDTVI technology will be adopted by any
manufacturer in the market. Why HDTVI will have the best quality / price? Well the biggest reason is competition. As
competition is greater with both products will continuously improve and prices will drop. We expect that the market will
accept all three systems, but it may be that over many years to find HDTVI surveillance systems in most homes and

In the future, the potential for business development surveillance systems will be based on analog HD systems and thus
the market will likely share this way:
a few of the high-end clients will continue to buy HD-SDI monitoring
systems, another some will buy systems HDCVI middle and low-end, and most people who have
not yet changed the old analog system likely will focus on HDTVI will be a surveillance system
that provides high quality at a low price.
Analog HD Comparison
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