About Us
SPYMICRO provides one stop solution for your security surveillance needs from security devices product sales, security
surveillance consultation, installation and service. At SPYMICRO we have over 15 years of experience in security surveillance,
CCTV and digital video surveillance solutions.

Professionalism and Experience

We have a track record of successful delivery for installation and maintenance of security systems in Southern California. We are
very efficient and dedicated in solving our customers security and surveillance needs. Instant response to customer inquiries is our
way to start long-lasting relationship with our customers.


SPYMICRO always incorporate the latest technology and product designs to meet the emerging needs for more and better
security surveillance products. We are always on the leading edge with security and surveillance technology because we work
very closely with various overseas manufacturers who always conduct R&D in related security fields.

Customer Service

At SPYMICRO, we always pride ourselves with excellence in technical support and customer service our customers. We have a
knowledgeable customer service team who are always ready to assist in troubleshooting and solve all our customers needs and
concerns. Remember, system design, consultation and estimates are always FREE.

Competitive Pricing

SPYMICRO designs and imports its security surveillance products directly from overseas manufactures. We are able to provide
our customers with the best price and technology for their security surveillance needs though various value added and volume
discount received from overseas manufacturers through our OEM and white box program set up with various manufacturers

Monitor Your Business & Home Anywhere, Anytime...

Nowadays, with increasing instability in the society and with businesses necessity to increase its productivity, it is very important to
monitor ones’ businesses and homes anywhere and anytime.
With our advance security surveillance technology, we have helped many business owners in protecting their assets and in
increasing their employees’ productivity.
Furthermore, we have also helped many homeowners in protecting their homes and love one, and have helped local authorities to
identify, locate and capture felons.
With the latest 3G, 4G and LTE  data connection, remote viewing using your smart phone/tablet is now faster & more convenient
than ever.

Why do you need Video Surveillance System? 
  • Crime Deterrence. We live in an era when CCTV is not a luxury, but a necessity, especially with the rise of crime and
    violence in the past decade. One thing is for sure: no criminal wants to be seen. If a criminal sees cameras on your house or
    building, chances are they will be dettered from carrying out their criminal activity around your property.

  • Loss Prevention. Internal theft is a larger problem for most companies than they realize. Internal theft can be employee’s
    taking things as simple as office supplies to things that are extremely vital – such as customer records and other extremely
    valuable company files. Installing CCTV will definitely reduce risks of theft.

  • Quality Assurance. CCTV with remote monitoring capabilities will ensure employees productivity, not just when the manager
    is on site. It will also help organizations to identify employees who are not adhering to policies and procedures.

  • False Claims Preventions. Slip and fall, sexual harassment, bad customer service – all things that can cost a company a lot
    of money anddamage the company’s reputation. Security cameras can assist with all of these areas.

  • Peace of Mind. Sometimes you’ll just get a feeling that something is not right at home or at the office. Being able to see your
    properties, valuables, or loved ones with your own eyes that everything is OK can provide you with great peace of mind.  
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